The Monthly Prayer Request for Priests (MPRP) Apostolate is an international apostolate which was founded in 1990 to encourage people to support Catholic priests by prayer and sacrifice.

It is currently operative in over seventy dioceses in the United States and several dioceses overseas, with requests for new establishments coming in regularly. The eventual goal is to establish this apostolate in every diocese around the world.

Here is how the apostolate works: Each diocese prays for its own priests. Each day of the year bears the name of a priest from that diocese, obtained from the diocesan directory. Thus, by means of the calendar, the faithful are united in offering prayer and sacrifice for the particular "priest of the day," always remembering to include the general intention of prayer for all priests of the diocese and around the world. Many dioceses also include special dates for remembering the Pope, local bishops, specific religious orders, etc.

Each diocese has a volunteer "contact person" who is responsible for the printing and distribution of the calendars in that particular diocese. Financial donations are requested, but not required, from those who use the calendar. As the MPRP Apostolate has been entrusted to the Virgin Mary, Mother of All Priests, we rely on Her assistance to provide the funds necessary for this prayerful endeavor on behalf of our priests. She has never been known to fail in this regard.

The MPRP has been endorsed by many cardinals and bishops as a simple, yet powerful, means of spiritual and emotional support for priests. In addition to those who receive an individual mailing, many monasteries, seminaries, shrines, and churches participate by requesting and distributing calendars. The calendars can also be found printed in church bulletins or posted on the Web, depending on the diocese. Won't you join us in praying for a priest a day?